We have known we would get engaged one day since very early on in our relationship. We also know he was going to be the one to pop the question. He wanted to propose and I wanted to be proposed to. It was a neat fit.

I am happy to say that we are a Tinder success story. I’d be even happier if Tinder wanted to sponsor the wedding… anyone know how to sort that out?

We swiped right on June 11th 2017, the night before I joined the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship for 3 back-to-back 9-day cruises. He asked me if I wanted a drink the next night. I said, “yes… as long as you’re in Copenhagen.” We swapped numbers and what I thought would be an empty promise to meet when I returned in a month. But it wasn’t empty: we messaged throughout the cruise and when I returned we did meet on July 11th. After being caught club necking in the smoking garden of Neon Jamón on Berry Street, two hours into our first date, it was safe to say it went well. 

Two years later and both of our mothers were pressuring him to pop the question. For his 30th birthday, my cousin even bought him a wedding fund jar as a nudge, joking that she wanted to be a bridesmaid before she turned 50. She wasn’t joking, and she will now be a bridesmaid before then, I think. I need to check that!

This Christmas, we set ourselves a strict budget for presents. We’d like to buy a house this year so we agreed not to be extravagant with money. I stuck to our budget.

On Christmas morning, I handed over a meagre pile of stocking fillers (enough to fill a trainer sock, not a full stocking!) and Liam pretended the huge box he was carrying towards me was really heavy. Inside the box was another box, and another inside of that. On it went for 5 boxes: a Russian doll concealing something special on the inside. By the time I got to box three I can only describe it as out-of-body experience, like in films when the character drops into the water and it all goes quiet and slow-motion. I removed the final layer of wrapping paper and found a jewellery box. He snatched it from my hand and started to get on one knee, and I was already in tears. He asked me to marry him and I think I had said yes before he finished speaking. The ring was a beautiful band in white gold, though it needed resizing to fit over my fat knuckle (eye roll emoji). I used the twine one from of his many layers of wrapped boxes to tie through the ring so I could wear it round my neck. Still, it was perfect.

He then unwrapped the kitchen scissors I’d bought him. Face palm emoji.

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