Hello G Wedding Directory!

So this is exciting. We are now the featured blog on the G Wedding Directory… I’m Jay and my fiancé, favourite and future husband is Liam. Hi new people!

When I started typing this tale it was about documenting the differences between a wedding with two grooms and a conventional bridal wedding, whether that wedding has a bride and groom or two brides. You see, the industry is aimed towards supporting the bride, because it’s usually the excited bride doing all the planning. The groom’s job traditionally goes on pause after the proposal and resumes on the wedding day as he learns how to fasten a cravat.

And of course, there are obviously a lot of grooms who take part in the preparations but it is still usually in the capacity of being dragged along by their freshly-ringed bridezilla, who just happens to have made all the wedding decisions at the age of 6 wearing a tea towel for a veil.

I wore that tea towel too. Sometimes I was the bride and sometimes I was Maria on the hill at the start of The Sound of Music.

It’s OK planning your wedding since childhood, it’s very different when you actually have to do the actual booking instead of make believe and imagination. For the record, no tea towels will be used in the making of our wedding suits.

Almost three weeks into both the blog and the wider world of wedding planning and we’re just finding our feet. There’s so much to consider: suits, venue, flowers, music, decorations, registrars, table plans, invitations, party favours… and that’s before even thinking about stag parties and a honeymoon. But thankfully it feels like we haven’t been stumbling about in the semi-dark. That’s due to the people we’ve met so far: this wider community of people whose job it is to make sure you know what you’re doing.

Could there be a happier job than working at weddings? I mean yes we all see dramatic films where the single girl at the wedding hates the whole experience having just lost her first love played by Hugh Grant, but in reality is anyone ever actually sad at a wedding? Imagine if that was your job… always around weddings and excited people, that must be the happiest occupation in the world. It’s like the complete opposite of traffic wardens. (Yes, I have a serious gripe with traffic wardens!)

Well it is the lovely wedding suppliers, businesses, stylists, photographers and planners who have helped get us started and guide our ideas so far, and through this blog and its Instagram counterpart, they have led us to the G Wedding Directory, which seems to be Mecca for Man-On-Man Marriage.

Thanks for joining us on this journey and following our blog. If you like what we write and how we find our way please feel free to share our links with all of your friends. If you don’t, I dare you to turn up at our wedding and shout “I Object!” at the opportune moment!

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