Love Stories at the Wedding House

The Wedding House Liverpool – 09.02.20

Photo Credit Adam Hudson Photography

No, we haven’t confirmed our venue or date yet, but yes I am (Jay is) still attending wedding fairs. Also yes, it’s really hard to make any real selections at these fairs until we have the venue and the date solid in our diaries with a giant love heart drawn around it and with a sense of impending dread at the mammoth task of planning the actual events of that date. But how could we resist this fair?

It’s a whole house dedicated to weddings: a place filled with all the things that get me excited. That’s like taking a Liverpool fan to Anfield, or taking Catherine Zeta Jones to an old people’s home. Everything I see about weddings gets me a little bit more excited for our day. And yes, the temptation to get obsessed planning the day is always there and it’s important not to get too carried away forgetting it’s about that commitment for the rest of your lives. But the way I see it, our wedding day is going to be a pivotal moment of our lives with all those who are dear to us standing by to share in a moment that celebrates our commitment to each other. The wedding day is the entry point to our marriage, and we both want that entry point to be just right.

At the first ever wedding fair we attended, the Lovely Little Wedding Fair (see earlier blog), we met the lovely Daisy on the stall for Groom Hire and The Wedding House Liverpool, and it was Daisy who made me aware of the G Wedding Directory, where we are now the featured blog. Well hats off to her, because she curated the whole Love Stories fair this weekend. And what a fab job she did!

If you haven’t been to The Wedding House Liverpool, it’s well worth a visit, not least for the new basement cafe, Vault, serving up a delicious menu in its many little nooks and crannies which are perfect to make camp and discuss wedding ideas. Spread across 5 floors, the house is the regular home of a team of resident suppliers each with their own store, but for this fair there wasn’t a corner left unwomanned or unmanned. Wedged between the residents were visiting suppliers of every kind sharing their know-how, advice and expertise (and free samples!) to all of the blushing brides and grinning grooms.

Yes, the grooms are usually fewer at these events, but when the first shop in the building is a menswear store for grooms and groomsmen then the ratio of guy:gal seems to equalise, even if the testosterone never makes it past the ground floor. I, of course, made it far beyond the ground floor all the way to the third floor attic.

My trips are speculative right now: we can’t choose anything or set any ideas in stone, because the venue we choose might change all of the ideas. So for me it’s a lengthy process of scoping out all of the options and I enjoy chatting to and getting to know the suppliers, much to the dismay of whoever comes with me. Whilst some may attend these fairs knowing what they’re looking for and can be in and out within an hour, I take my time, though I’m sure once we get more and more elements confirmed I’ll be able to bypass the suppliers offering services we’re already covered for.

One lovely element that I experienced today, having been to a few North West fairs now, is bumping into suppliers you’ve met before, especially ones who have been following the blog. This included Jessica Lang Photography, Onyx Weddings, Opulence Weddings and Florrie & Rene Vintage Hire. It’s like a little check in, and everyone seems to remember the details we discussed at our last meeting. Every wedding is different and unique to the particular couple so these pros we meet are brilliant at remembering how you’re planning your day.

It’s like curry. We all have our preferences. And we know there are loads of ingredients and how they are used in combination will determine the flavour we end up with. Right now I’m tasting all of the ingredients and once we start selecting which ones we’re going to start with the rest will make sense and fall into place. Now I want a curry.

Amongst the amazing new suppliers we met today were:

  • PHOTOGRAPHY – Rachel Ryan Photography, Debbie McGregor Weddings
  • EVENTS – Card-en Party, Natasha McKenzie Weddings, Nanny Tap Wedding Nannies
  • BRIDAL HEADWARE – Rocks for Frocks
  • JEWELLERY – Wongs Jewellers
  • CAKES – The Sweet Tooth Bakery
  • FLOWERS – Paper Seed Floristry, Karen McGrath Flowers

We’ve made arrangements to view our first choice venue next week during school’s half term so hopefully we’ll be able to start making some decisions by the time we get to our next fair: the National Wedding Show, a massive event in its Manchester pop up. Hopefully if the venue is booked we can start narrowing down which stalls we need to visit… not necessarily for my sake but for those who end up waiting around while I chat to everyone I meet. Either that or I’ll just have to drop them off at the creche on the way in or bring them some colouring to do!

2 thoughts on “Love Stories at the Wedding House

  1. Absolutely loved meeting you and your family at the weekend! I was also at the Isla Gladstone….that’s where I had recognised you from!

    Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog, such a great read.
    Good luck with your wedding journey!


    1. You know I thought I’d seen you somewhere before! You’re very welcome, thanks for having a laugh with us up in your attic tower!


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