Win some, you lose some…

So far every moment of our planning has been ultimately positive. We’ve enjoyed meeting suppliers without knowing whether they’d fit the plan our venue inspires. We’ve viewed a venue with potential but been inspired to view some other options and look for different things.

It’s inevitable, then, that something at some point would not go how we wanted it, and I write this blog with a kind of happiness-hangover coming to terms with the fact the venue we wanted and were about to book has been block-booked for the season and is no longer available.

As you can imagine we’re gutted. We knew it was right, we knew the mothers in law would agree, and we knew their menu options sounded perfect. In fact, the only reason we weren’t booked already was because we were waiting on bar costings for welcome/toast/table drinks and to sit with the caterers to confirm what the costings would be for the menu we’d like to choose.

It’s not been a lengthy process. Camp and Furnace was only the second venue we looked at. It’ll be 2 weeks ago we went to see it. But when you can visualise it to the finest detail you know it’s right. Or, it would have been.

We viewed both rooms but it was the Furnace we were hoping to confirm. A huge warehouse space able to be sectioned off for separate parts of the day as required, with loads of character in the original features of the warehouse, on site caterers, lots of bar space and a gorgeous feature furnace where the stage is set up.

My main reservation before viewing was my memory of the toilets, as I have a real obsession with ensuring my nan feels comfortable hitching her skirt to use the loo. My lasting impression was they looked like apocalyptic aftermath until Liam reminded me that I last saw them drunk out of my mind and then fell asleep at the table at 11.00pm during the Star Wars Quiz. My memory was inaccurate and in fact the toilets were fine, Nanny Pat wouldn’t have to cross her legs and hold it in.

So it even passed the toilet test. The price was very reasonable. The menu was great. The calendar was free for the dates we were looking, emphasis on WAS. Even until Thursday of last week when we had it confirmed that 31st July 2021 (Harry Potter’s Birthday!!!) was available and we asked for it to be pencilled and informed of a potential clash so we could upgrade the pencil to a sharpie.

We now know there is a clash, but of course when you’re running a venue it would be stupid of them to pass up the chance for a long hire, and naturally our little wedding, though important to us, is just another potential date in a diary.

FYI, we’d expressed interest not fully booked yet, pending the final price confirmations, so we don’t have a right to be upset with them, and we’re not. If I was running a venue I’d have had to make the exact same choice.

It’s just a bit poo. That’s the best way to describe it. Liam suggested we wait a year, and we haven’t fully discussed our options yet as our first instinct was to neck two bottles of wine and watch a Disney film. My instinct is not to wait for them. There will be a venue that will be available when we planned and won’t need to cancel for a bigger shark; they’ll be happy with a goldfish. (Not fully sure that metaphor worked, but I’m running with it).

So we’re back to the drawing board. Requirements:

  • Warehouse/industrial vibes.
  • Space for up to 120 in the day and 200 in the night.
  • Space for both ceremony and reception, but the legal part with registrar won’t have to be on site.
  • Nice toilets.

If you know of anywhere give us a shout! In the meantime, I’m off to book Bongo’s Bingo tickets out of spite and heartache 😂🙈

A laughing photo from our shoot with @clickedbykate to cheer us up!

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