6 months on…

Well hey there all you cool cats and kittens.

Today we have been engaged for 6 months exactly. That’s means it is 6 months since Christmas morning 2019 when Liam got down on one knee and it is 6 months until Christmas 2020 when hopefully we’ll all be able to gather around a fir tree to exchange gifts without worrying about how far we are from each other.

It also means that of the 6 months we have been engaged we spent 3 months enjoying gorgeous wedding fayres (fairs, we’ve had this debate before) and meeting the people of the most beautiful industry who have the happiest job of all… and then we’ve spent 3 months in lockdown. And we are both still alive.

Isolation is quite a word isn’t it. It literally means to separate oneself from everything else in the world. Except each other. And don’t get me wrong, we love each other.

BUT… we have never spent so much time together… EVER! We both work full time both in education and in creative and performance platforms on the side. We are used to being out of the house. And now we are stuck in the house. Together. All the time. With the neediest dog in the land.

Oh yes, if lockdown wasn’t stressful enough, our dog had to have his eye removed. Imagine the stress of a pet going under general anaesthetic on a normal wet British Tuesday in April. Now add COVID-19, social distancing measures and a ruptured ulcer to the mix and you end up with Liam and I in the car park of our not-for-profit veterinary surgery in a Mini Cooper at 2am watching Finding Dory on Disney+ desperate for a wee.

In the wider context of isolation, weddings are about coming together. Isolation is about staying apart. And never the twain shall meet.

So yeah, the wedding has been pushed back to 2022. All those gorgeous people who were hoping to marry this year in 2020 are rescheduling to 2021 so we’re happy to move ours to 2022 in the hope of a wider variety of the gorgeous wedding folk we’ve been fortunate to meet since since January being available.

For those wondering where we’ve gone, we’re still engaged and still looking forward to our wedding. We’re thankful for the support of the fabulous folk at the @gweddingdirectory (check out their Instagram) for our blog and for the stunning photos @clickedbykate took for our engagement shoot (check out her instagram but don’t fight us for wedding dates in Summer 2022 cos she has to be ours ❤️)!

We’re getting our gears back grinding (bad word to use in the gay world) and we’ll be bringing more excited and sarcastic blogs your way.

Stay alert. Wash your hands. Control the Virus. Vote out the Tories.

Peace out huns ✌🏼

PS. We bought a hot tub as a 6-month engagement gift. Cheers queers 🥂

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