Each Day Is Valentine’s Day

So ends the chorus of ‘My Funny Valentine’ from Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart’s 1937 Broadway musical Babes in Arms. In 2012, I (Jay) appeared in the 2012 revival at the Union Theatre, London, playing the leading role of Valentine White. One London reviewer said “James Lacey is pleasantly plump as a young Mickey Rooney”. Great. This could be one of a myriad of reasons why we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The point of ‘My Funny Valentine’ is unrequited love for something who maybe isn’t all that remarkable. She sings “your looks are laughable, unphotographable”. Hun, I relate after lockdown 3.0. I’ve not invested in my physical health anywhere near as much as I’ve invested in Amazon. In fact this third lockdown is, it seems for everyone, the hardest. It’s in January when no one has any money or motivation to be jolly after Christmas, there isn’t any sun, and there are new COVID variants popping up like ITV dating shows.

A cold January COVID walk

But January actually had a few points to celebrate, despite the fact we didn’t really feel in the mood to celebrate them. I turned 32… a couple more years and I’ll have made it further than Jesus. We began the 18 month countdown to the wedding date. And it was one whole year since this blog started.

Yup, you read correct. We’ve been blogging for a whole year. I use the term “we” generously as the Wedding Planning is a joint endeavour which allows one of us to have stories to tell when we put pen to paper… or thumbs to touch screen. We totally missed the actual anniversary (12th Jan) but we are both working – teaching! – from home and on site with key-worker children so it’s been a busy old half term of manoeuvring zoom schedules, wifi signals and the whims and wants of a needy French Bulldog. Either way, what a year eh?! Time flies when you’re in the throes of a global pandemic.

So why, in this seemingly unending pandemic are we still choosing not to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Surely any reason to celebrate breaks up the monotony of lockdown?!

We just don’t really get the fuss. Every time I buy him an unexpected bottle of Vape Oil from Co-Op or he gives me triple his amount of grated cheese at dinner we are showing each other what love means. I don’t eat chocolate and he doesn’t like unnecessary displays of affection so we don’t need to do it just because Clinton’s have had Valentine’s Day cards and balloons in the window since New Years Day.

We’re getting married. I’m certainly not pregnant and don’t have a dowry so we can assume a love match is implied (have we watched too much Bridgerton?!). We have survived a year of a pandemic spending more time together at home than we ever thought we would and have come this far smiling and bruise-less. Pretty sure that’s a good sign on the love scale. And we’re house-hunting. I’m certain we wouldn’t be tying ourselves up in a mortgage if we weren’t willing to lovingly argue over kitchen tiles and pedestal mats.

House hunting with a Frenchie who thinks he’s the Queen of Sheba

You never see those on a Clinton’s Valentine’s Card… “If we can survive lockdown we can survive marriage”… or “You’re the pedestal mat to my shower curtain”. Of course, I’m inspired by Victoria Wood in the latter. I’m the Mauve Pedestal Mat and Liam is the Tangerine Poplin Showerproof. Fans of Kitty should approve.

So yes, to return to ‘My Funny Valentine’: “Each day is Valentine’s Day”. We can show each other the acts of love and kindness every day, not just on February 14th because we’re expected too. The 23rd of February is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting Liam some Pedigree Chum – although maybe for Blue.

This morning, Liam asked me “Will you get me some vape oil from Co-Op because it’s Valentine’s Day?”. I said “No, but I’ll get you some because I love you”. And that more cheese than he puts on my dinner.

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